Audience Analytics

Meet Your Customer For The First Time

Sounds crazy right? But how much do you know about your customers or your target audience for that matter? The goal of audience analytics is to help you truly answer these questions in a way that will help your business grow and thrive! 

Our Process

1. Consultation

A free scheduled meeting where you get to tell us all about your business, industry, customers, goals, and how we can assist you

2. Research

We collect data on your industry, identify your target audience, and discover how to get an advantage over your competition

3. Implementation

We present our findings and install tracking elements to help identify the audience you are currently reaching and uncover opportunities for your business to take advantage of. With your blessing, we then proceed to implement the changes we recommend

4. Measure

Using analytics and A/B testing, we identify what elements on your website customers are engaging with and modify content to maximize results

Reveal Your Market Potential


Understanding your company’s potential begins with analyzing your market and defining your target audience.

We want to help you understand what motivates your customers buying decisions, behaviors, and problems that your business aims to solve. These insights allow us to discover new opportunities to reach your target audience in meaningful ways that ultimately lead to increased sales

Analytics Software Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

.02___Analytics Integration

A foundational element for business in the digital age is creating a framework where data is captured and analyzed. 

Simply having an out-of-the-box analytics tool will provide no meaningful insights unless it is tailored to your specific business. Partnering with Carbon Marketing means that you have access to analytics professionals that know how to set up your data collection software to maximize your informational collection goals. 

Without Goals Marketing Would Be Pointless


Any marketing campaign is pointless for your business without clear goals and objectives that are measurable. Audience analytics is how we measure the success of our efforts and how they impact your bottom line.

We make the process simple for you and your business. During our initial consultation, we will discuss your goals and find out where you would like your business to be a month, year, even 5 years into the future. From there we provide a weekly performance report that details your return on your marketing investment. 100% transparency…Always

Roadmaps Are Your Blueprint To Success


The real value in any analytics services begins and ends with meaningful and actionable reporting. 

All the data collection in the world does you no good without a way to organize and interpret that information. We are practitioners of one very important philosophy, “always provide clients with insights that are easy to understand and give a clear direction of where to go next”. Through the use of roadmaps, our clients gain a competitive advantage in their market as they have a clear direction their business will follow to produce results

How Marketing Enhances Your Business

.05___The Big Picture

Analytics is the glue that brings all of our marketing services together. Working in tandem, each of our marketing services helps your business build its desired audience, engage them with the compelling content that they crave, and persuade them to take a desired action that ultimately leads to sales.

With our analytics services, we are able to help you set benchmarks that you can use to determine the success of your marketing efforts. Through A/B testing and conversion reporting, we can help you identify which measures have the greatest effect. Focusing your efforts in those areas will mean less time and energy spent on efforts that don’t lead to you achieving your goals. This is content marketing optimization and it is the key to your company’s sustained growth and prosperity

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